Rental- commercial facilities and apartments

Bekkjarvik Eiendom has commercial facilities and apartments for rent in Bekkjarvik Torg.

Sale of property

We have residential projects in the areas of Rundhålo and Taushaugen, as well as boathouse projects in Leirvikjo.

The development of Bekkjarvik

Ytre havn
Bekkjarvik Torg
Bekkjarvik Torg
Badeplass Rundhålo
Boligprosjekt Taushaugen

Commercial Port

We have two deep water docks with the length of 56 and 70 meters.
The guaranteed depth is 10 meters. Do you need shore power we do have 440 Volt/160 Ampere and 230 Volt.

For arrival, call our property manager.

Alice A. Halstensen
Property administrator

+47 55 08 40 02

Bekkjarvik Guestport

Our sheltered harbour has a good capacity with its 200 boat berths. With its closeness to Bekkjarvik Torg, Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, the park, beaches, hiking trails, the sherpa stairs Kongskleivo and sport facilities, we hope it will give you an active and exciting visit in our idyllic harbour.

Bekkjarvik Torg

In the middle of downtown of Bekkjarvik, you will find the pleasant shopping center Bekkjarvik Torg. Here you can find great shops for every taste and a service for most needs.

Hengjo in Bekkjarvik

The net drying house in Bekkjarvik has had a variety of uses since 1934. With its great construction of 1000 m2, it played an important role during the large herring- and spring herring fishing until 1964, and especially during the great herring period in the 50`s. Here nets and yarn were impregnated, dried and mended.

From 1995 and until today, Hengjo has functioned as a cultural area for concerts, theaters, church services, art exhibitions and a boat museum. In later times, it has been been through a modernization.

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