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Knut Ove, Slaatter√ły

I entered Slaatter√ły when I was 17 years old. I was then a student at Austevoll vgs. I entered again as a trainee, before I became a part of the permanent crew.

I’m sailing on Norway’s greatest vessel, along with the worlds best crew! The fishing is challenging, exciting and unbelievable fun!

Factory foreman

Natalie, Granit

Granit has an advanced factory onboard. That gives me the opportunity to work with the most modern methods within today’s fish industry. The work is exciting, the tasks varies and are challenging enough.

We have a great working environment onboard, where we help and learn from each other. No trips at sea are equal. More than 10 years in the company of Halstensen Bekkjarvik have given me a great expertise within the fishery. This will give me a lot of work opportunities.


Torgeir, Gardar

As an engineer onboard, the maintenance is my responsibility, both during and through operations. I manage the unloading of fish, and are responsible for the Technical condition of the vessel before we go out fishing.

I’m on equal footing as the others onboard during the catching and for any damage at the purse seine or net. Therefore, I get a broad experience, not just from the machinery.

Our company is constantly developing with innovation and building new vessels. This is great and exciting challenges, with different systems and new technology. It is important and fun to be a part of this advancement in our profession.

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