Halstensen Bekkjarvik

We are a fishing vessel company that owns and manages 5 ocean going fishing vessels. The business also includes development and administration of the trading place Bekkjarvik. The administration of the company is mainly located in offices at Bekkjarvik Torg in Austevoll municipality, but we also have administrative functions in Ă…lesund. The exciting activities, both at sea and on shore, are administered with a broad range of expertise.

Dedicated employees

We are fortunate enough to have over 200 employees occupied within the fisheries, property, and administration. Our co-workers come from all over Norway, along with Sweden, The Faroe Islands, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Albania, and New Zealand.


Bekkjarvik is a small village in the municipality of Austevoll in Vestland County. It is located along the sea route between Bergen and Haugesund, with a great harbour, which is sheltered and well protected considering the variable weather on the West-coast of Norway.

Bekkjarvik has been an important trade centre since the 1500`s. From 1730 it became important with its guesthouse and a Royal Warrant for that kind of service. The rich herring fisheries in the early 1900`s created industrial activity such as production of casks and processing of herring. When the herring disappeared around the 1960`s, the market changed and gradually led to the end of the fish industry in Bekkjarvik. From the 1960`s on, the main occupation of the company has been the management of trawlers.

Bekkjarvik is constantly developing, and is still a center for shopping, restaurants, conferences, as well as operation of modern ocean-going fishing vessels.

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